Having pictures taken should be a stress free experience, you should be able to have fun and not worry about a thing! As a mom myself I understand how hard it can be to get everyone's outfits to coordinate and sometime we don't even know what colors to use, or what to expect. Once the day of the photoshoot we are rushing out the door trying to get everyone to brush their teeth and put their shoes on and once you think everyone is good to go, baby poops all over the place (true story) Can you relate? showing up to an odd location that you've never even been to before already 20 minutes late and you still don't know what to expect. Whether this is your first baby or your 3rd I am here to help you and make this process as simple as possible offering beautiful wardrobe, styling guides and the option to come to your home.

#1 Your home is perfect!

Seriously! There is not a too small too big or not clean enough home. I only need a small space to set up and will move things around as needed (with your permission of course) .

#2 No rush!

yep! no rush to get out the door at a certain time, I will come to you and it is ok if when I get there you are still working on getting ready, I will use this time to capture pictures of baby or pictures of your baby's nursery.

#3 Everyone is more relaxed

Dad or older siblings feel comfortable and not out of place like they would if they were somewhere else there is zero travel and you get the flexibility of posed newborn portraits + Lifestyle family portraits.

Some examples of in-home sessions

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L Phillips Photo offers Newborn, maternity, family and cake smash sessions in Goldsboro, NC and all over Eastern, North Carolina.