Five ways to prepare for a successful portrait session

1. Choosing the right photographer

It's important to know what you are looking for and what skills your photographer must have, it all depends on the look that you are wanting to achieve, your photographer must have some knowledge on that style, that if you choose a studio look with flash or outdoors with natural light.

2 . Location

Location is very important because it will be part of your portrait, its important to make sure that the location if outdoors or at the office is clutter free and if in studio selecting the right color for your background is equally important.

3 . Wardrobe

It's important to know what you will be wearing in advance and you have everything ready to go at least the night before your portrait session, it is important that you bring options and that you make sure to communicate with your photographer about the colors that you are wanting to wear.

4 . Communication

Be in contact with your photographer at all times, communicate well what you are wanting and if you have samples even better, don't hesitate to share. Make sure to ask plenty of questions to make sure that you and your photographer are both ready.

5 . Notes

Write down any poses you might want, full body, headshot, sitting etc. Make sure to write down and share with your photographer a day before your session and even the day of your portrait session.