Step 1:

Let's chat! This is where you tell me what type of session you are looking to book, when, where, & if you have any specific requests or a vision for your session we will also discuss pricing and more. We can discuss via text, email or zoom (in-person consultations are on pause due to covid)

Step 2:

This is where we discuss all the things that need to be taken care of before your session! What to expect, what to wear, you get to choose one or two of my beautiful gowns for your session, I also will help you with styling your entire family, we set a location & time and discuss all the other small details.

Step 3:

The session! We will meet at our location, I tend to arrive early so I can explore and make sure we use the best area, we talk a little you get dressed if you are using one of my gowns and we move on to the fun part the photoshoot! There is no look at the camera and say cheese here, unless prompted. I require 3 things:

1) Be YOU

2) Have FUN

3) Snuggleeeee

Newborn sessions (in home)

There is 5 key components to have a successful session:

1 - Getting rid of clutter any clutter or things that you do not want in your photographs

2- open window shades, once I get to your home I will do a walkthrough and decide if I need to keep them open or closed

3- Keep home around 75-76 degrees

4- Have your newborn in a diaper only

5- Feed your baby 20 minutes before my arrival

After I am done with your newborn + family portraits I will upload the photographs to my computer I can ether stay at your home and do this or leave for a few hours and come back.

After I upload your photographs, I will soft proof them and show you a beautiful slideshow this way you will be able to view your photos and decide on products or what digitals you would like as final edits.

Family & Maternity session ( Outdoors)

There are a few components that can make or break family sessions:

1 - Wardrobe! I can not stress this enough. Wardrobe can make or break a portrait and I've made it so easy for my clients offering beautiful dresses, and styling guides. I recommend sticking to neutral colors, no patterns, and relaxed and casual.

2 - For your little ones, I will do my absolute best to engage with them and make them feel comfortable, it is very important to me that they feel happy and relaxed so I ask you to do the same. I know as a mom myself of 3 crazy kids we can stress and think that our kids need to stand still and say cheese, I promise you, that is not needed here! LET THEM RUN WILD!


Do you bring props to my newborn session?

yes! I bring everything rugs, backdrops, baskets, beds, wraps, tiny outfits, all of it!

Can we use my matching blanket & robe for my session?

Yes Yes & yes!

How long until we get the gallery ?

2-3 weeks