Fresh 48


When we think about the big moments of our lifetime, moments that define the story of who we are as a family, the first thing that comes to mind is the birth of a new child. As anyone who has cradled a brand-new babe in the moments following their birth can agree that this is magical and surreal time. Just as quickly as those sweet moments arrive they are replaced with new responsibilities as well as the hustle and bustle of life as a new family. 

This is why I truly believe that Fresh 48 sessions are so deeply and incredibly important. These first precious moments of a family are ones that can never ever be recreated. Never! As a mother myself I can tell you that this two days after giving birth are days that your will somehow forget. It happened to me with my first child so when my second one came along I made sure that I had beautiful pictures taken by a professional so that I could always come back to them and remember how beautiful it all was.

fresh48 sessions take place during your baby's fist 48 hours since being born, this session is simple, relaxed and unposed. I encourage you to book your session before baby arrives. Once baby arrives you can contact me again and I will be there that same day or the day after.

I offer fresh 48 sessions for Wayne UNC healthcare in Goldsboro, NC.